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Widon't you just use Ruby?

September 22, 2006

I recently came across a post by Shaun Inman describing a term I had not heard before (at least with regard to typography): Widowing. Widowing is when a word flows to the next line only to end up all by its' lonesome. See Shaun's post on the matter for a spiffy visual aid and a PHP function (in the form of a Wordpress plugin) to give those widows some company.

We needed a function like this in a Rails project currently underway, so I cooked up a Ruby solution using Shaun's PHP as a guide. I chose to extend the String class, placing the file in the lib directory of my rails project and including it via the application controller.

# lib/string_utils.rb
class String
  def widont()
    space = self.rstrip.rindex(' ')
    return self if space.nil?
    self[0, space] + ' ' + self[space + 1, self.size]

Now we can use it on any HTML bound string when we need to prevent widowing.

>> a = "This is sort of a long string that might leave a widow."
>> a.widont()
=> "This is sort of a long string that might leave a widow."

I'm sure some Ruby whiz could pare that down to a single line, but it does the trick.

Disclaimer: I am well aware that this very post may contain widows, and can appreciate the irony.

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