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December 2006

The End of an Era :: Ok not really. This blog has served its' purpose, but it's time to move on. So, come on over to and enjoy the new digs.... Read on

Flash Upload, HTTP 406 and Frustration :: I know I'm supposed to pepper in some "normal people" posts here and there, but what can I say, right now we are on a nerd streak. In the latest alpha of SlideShowPro Director, we are implementing a Flash... Read on

October 2006

Making the switch :: Most of you know how much of a Mac fanboy I am, but until recently we still had one Windoze laptop hanging around our house. That all changed this past weekend, when we upgraded Nora to a new shiny... Read on

September 2006

Widon't you just use Ruby? :: I recently came across a post by Shaun Inman describing a term I had not heard before (at least with regard to typography): Widowing. Widowing is when a word flows to the next line only to end up all... Read on

May 2006

Warning: This post is not idiot-proof :: Why some bugs are left to run free in my software.... Read on

SSPAdmin is all grown up now.... :: Well, one of the many excuses reasons I have been quiet around here over the past 6 months has been my work on SSPAdmin. Today, that work finally enters the light of day, as a brand new product.... Read on

April 2006

Hello, Sports Fans :: Another randomish sports posting for all you couch jockeys out there.... Read on

Spring Cleaning :: If I try my hardest, I might just be able to recall a day when I would sit down and fire up the old internets to check my email with great anticipation. I can almost hear the modem connection... Read on

March 2006

Brackets and Such :: Yea, I know.... Read on

November 2005

The Greater Good :: As someone who spends quite a bit of time in Canadian airports, you can understand how this made me feel a bit uncomfortable, but probably not for the reason you think.... Read on

October 2005

Customer Service: A Two Way Street :: Selling software is fun. Especially when you have accomplished it all by yourself, mostly between the hours of one and three a.m., and never thought it would amount to much. An added bonus is it lines your pocket with... Read on

Tomorrow's Floppy? :: Remember when you couldn't go anywhere without one of those 3.5", 1.44 MB floppies? Me too, I mean think of all the mileage you could get out of 1.44 MB (Not just 1, but 1.44). You could even buy these... Read on

On My List :: Yes, it has been forever since I wrote here, *insert normal excuses here*, but after a weekend chock full of sports, I figured now is a better time than any to let you know who is on my good and... Read on

March 2005

Let the Madness Begin...One Year Later :: Without further ado, and just before the deadline, I present to you my final four for this years Tournament. Now, before you go scoffing at me, I would have you remember back last year, on this very blog, when... Read on

SSPAdmin, Brackets and New Material :: Just a random update to the loyal few. Here is what is happening in my neck of the woods: SSPAdmin has passed 70 downloads in just 2 weeks, better than I could ever have imagined. My Brackets are filled... Read on

February 2005

SSPAdmin :: Last week, Todd Dominey released the much anticipated SlideShowPro, a flash component for making dynamic, really slick slideshows. After purchase, I wanted to be able to control my photos a little more so I got to work developing a... Read on

Get to Steppin' :: After over a year or so of putting it off, Doy and I have finally gotten a project off the ground that we are pretty excited about. It's called Step Away from the Tables and is a web development/design... Read on

January 2005

24 Hours in San Diego :: Recently I was able to escape the sub-zero temperatures of Montreal for a meeting in San Diego for a few days. That would have been enough until I saw my lodging arrangements and noticed I would be staying at... Read on

December 2004

First Anniversary :: A year ago today, I tentatively stepped into the blogosphere with a post aptly entitled, "As If I Didn't Have Enough to Do". One year, 64 posts and 180 comments later, here are some favorites from the first year:... Read on

November 2004

The New Telemarketers :: I have always hated talking on the phone. There is just something awkward about it to me, and I always seem to forget the things I needed to say. That is why I love email. I can ponder over a... Read on

Comment Spam: Oh How I Hate Thee :: If you have cruised through the archives in the past week or so, it is likely you have seen a comment that didn't quite fit in. It probably contained a link to Viagra, an online casino, car insurance, or any... Read on

The Devotional Tales :: Recently completed, is the latest work from bradleyboy productions. Young Georgian author Nick Shelton contacted me around a month ago for a site to be launched alongside his book at the beginning of December. Teaming with Doy Cave (Art... Read on

Fine Tuning :: Not a big update here, just some fine tuning to the Photo section of northoftheborder. Updated the look and functionality of the albums, including a little javascript fade-in that went flying around the blogosphere yesterday (it can be found here).... Read on

Election Purge :: This is the 59th post here at northoftheborder over the last 10 months or so. In the previous 58, I have steered clear of the impending US election for many reasons, but lest you should think I am indifferent, I... Read on

October 2004

The Great Toilet Paper Incident of 1997 :: I went skimming through the archives here at northoftheborder and came across something in the comments I have been meaning to write about for some time. The comments I'm speaking of are found starting here where my good buddy... Read on

Alive and Well :: Bill Veeck, pioneer owner and baseball personality, once said, "Baseball must be a great game, because the owners haven't been able to kill it." After watching about 20 hours of baseball over the last two days, I couldn't agree... Read on

I Say iPhoto, You Say Picasa :: When I step up on my little soapbox to tout the greatness of the Mac, one thing I point to is how well it handles all your digital media. This used to be an argument that applied to only a... Read on

The Flash Video Jukebox, XML Style :: Recently a question was posted at about a flash application that would allow the user to select from several videos within one interface. I recently completed a similar project over at called the video vault, and provided the... Read on

September 2004

Worst Job Ever :: Am I the only one who feels really sorry for this guy?... Read on

In the Light of Day :: Well after a rant against the internet followed by a brief absence of writing here, some of you may be wondering if the internet struck back with a vengeance against this little one who dared shake his fist at the... Read on

August 2004

Why I Love the Internet (to be Followed Closely by Why I Hate It) :: First, the love. I like many of you have been watching the Olympics off and on, and as always I am just about as interested in the commercials as I am in the Games themselves. I find I get a... Read on

bradleyboy 4.5...or 5.0, I lost track :: If you have been following the Web Process series, you know that I have been undergoing a makeover of There are more articles to come, but I didn't want my business site to be down too long as I... Read on

Web Process: Part IV :: Ok, I gave you the rest of last week to digest the quick hitting Part I, Part II and Part III of the Web Design Process series. Now we get into geekier territory, as we ditch table-based design and lay... Read on

Bye Bye Omnis, Times Have Passed You By.... :: I have moved servers. Omnis was great, but better things are now available. If you are seeing this message, everything has happened already. If you notice any quirks please let me know. Look for Part IV of the Web Process... Read on

Web Process: Part III :: We got the ball rolling last Friday with the basics of hosting, domains and DNS. Yesterday we got to the heart of the matter by outlining the vision of the site. Finally, we can design. Note I said finally. The... Read on

Web Process: Part II :: This is the second installment (first one is here) on the development process of a web site. Part II is all about vision. What will the site be? Why is the site even there? What part of the content drives... Read on

Hoverless Current Links sans Titles :: Recently, Mike Rundle wrote one of those articles that makes you slap your forehead and say, "How in the world did I not think of that?". Mike's idea was to use the CSS cursor rule to make a link to... Read on

Web Process: Part I :: All 7 of you who regularly come by here will forgive me for not posting over the last week or so, I had a bit of a writer's block. Also, we are gearing up for a big move, and... Read on

July 2004

DMB :: Music For the masses, as long as you use Windows...and IE :: I wrote not long ago about my infatuation with the iTunes Music Store. Apple has now sold over 100 million songs through the service and upon opening the European version immediately became the market dominator throughout the continent. Everyone loves... Read on

The Oprahtization of Televised Sports :: Where are you Uecker? Will you help us Costas? After watching the Major League Baseball All-Star Game last night, we sure need you.... Read on

Honeymoon Gallery :: It's been a bit busy 'round here, but look for more posts soon. In the meantime, enjoy some selected pictures from the honeymoon. Honeymoon Gallery... Read on

Run, Don't Walk... :: After my recent blazing of IE and Microsoft, you might be quick to skim over this, writing it off as another rant from a MacHead. Not so fast. Do you use online banking? Do you use Internet Explorer to do... Read on

June 2004

Honeymoon Hodgepodge :: We're baaaaack. After a wonderful 9-day tour of south Florida, we are back to a little bit of normalcy here. But of course I wouldn't go without sharing some randomized thoughts of our little journey...... Read on

Honeymoon :: Would you write more with a view like this? See you next week...... Read on

So random.... :: Is that light at the end of the tunnel? Or is it an oncoming train... The wedding is approaching quickly and things are about to get real crazy. So I thought I should write before it gets too out of... Read on

Mr. President :: Sometimes images tell the whole story. Today the nation says goodbye to Ronald Reagan. Imagine what the world would have said if you had shown them this photo when Reagan took office in 1980. One time adversary Mikhail Gorbachev... Read on

Weekend Reading :: A busy weekend ahead, T-minus two weeks to the wedding day and there is plenty goin' on around here. I did want to post on something that has been on my mind the latter half of the week. But first,... Read on

Armchair Quarterback :: This has been an exciting week for me, with two (1, 2) listings on public sites that made my head swell even bigger than its' natural proportions (Right, Doy?). It has, however, introduced me to a relatively new idea I... Read on

The Garden :: For the second time in a week, some of my work has been featured in a fairly public arena. Off the heels of the CSS Beauty listing, Dave Shea has chosen my design, entitled Invitation, as an official entry into... Read on

May 2004

Memorial Day :: Memorial Day 2004... Read on

Hide the Valuables... :: Well, you are bound to see some new folks around here. I am flattered to have been listed on a new site called CSS Beauty. The site showcases designs featuring good ol' standards based code. Many thanks to Alex and... Read on

When Will They Ever Learn... :: In my work with the CCSB, I run into all kinds of people who use PowerPoint, some rather religiously (pardon the pun). Obviously I see the whole spectrum of quality in these presentations, depending on the user's ability and experience... Read on

northoftheborder :: Take 2 :: This has been in the hopper for some time now, I have really been wanting to redesign this sucker. When I first decided to blog, it was a typical "Brad" decision, take the fastest route possible to accomplish the task.... Read on

iTunes Music Store: My First Twenty Bucks :: I have seen the light...and it burns. In the course of the evening last night I heard a song that made me say, "Hey, I wouldn't mind having that one in the vault." Later on, I opened up iTunes and... Read on

Happy Birthday - Part Duex :: Another week, another birthday in the fam. Love ya sis... Happy Birthday!... Read on

Happy Birthday Ma... :: It is that time of year again, when the Daily clan begins the birthday round-up. First on the list is momma, who is one year older today (I'll let you ask her how many that makes). So here's to you... Read on

April 2004

The Chicken or the Egg :: I am not sure what precipitated this, my wanting to post some pictures of our recent trip to the Canadian Rockies or the need to find a custom way to create an online photo album. Either way, both can be... Read on

The Wedding Site...Finally.. :: I know I said it would be up oh....three months ago or so, but like fine wine....oh nevermind. It's done. Head on over to learn a little more about us and the wedding, as well as some travel tips (hotel... Read on

bradleyboy 4.0 :: Two web sites in one day! Actually this one has been a long time comin'... I finally had some time recently to wrap up a major re-design of bradleyboy productions' online home. It is now up and ready for your... Read on :: I was planning on knocking off a little early today (hey it is good friday) to catch some of the second round coverage of The Masters. I knew usa networks were doing the honors thursday and friday so I figured... Read on

Not Quite Wireless :: Recently when speaking with friends in the US, I have realized that the wireless craze hasn't quite hit the States as much as it has here in Canada. Upon moving to the apartment and setting up my office, none of... Read on

If April Showers Bring May Flowers... :: Then what the heck does this mean? After a brief warm spell with temps pushing the mercury all the way to the high forties, mother nature threw a nice April's Fools joke on us and dropped a few inches... Read on

March 2004

Let the Madness Begin :: It's my favorite time of year, let the office pools fly! I have just finished my brackets at 1:30 am on Tuesday, barely under the gun (Certain members of my family have strict requirements as to the post dating of... Read on

The 5 a.m. Something or Other :: Captain's Log: 5:13 a.m. If your reading this and know me to any extent you realize that 5 a.m. and I don't necessarily get along too well. In fact there are only two reasons why I would be up at... Read on

February 2004

Big City Lesson Number...Well, I Lost Count :: "70 Bucks?!" That seemed like quite a bit of money to place a small classified ad (see below) for my apartment. I wrestled with it a bit longer but finally gave into the salesperson on the phone from The Gazette,... Read on

Alive and Kicking :: Yes, I know. I haven't written in forever and you want your money back. This page gently slid to the bottom half of the priorities list as February shifted into high gear. I know some of you were worried I... Read on

January 2004

Handling the Heat (or lack thereof) :: Life is full of decisions. We strive to use our best judgment and often do, but sometimes our senses leave us and the opposite of good judgment takes over: stupidity. One such occurrence came upon me this past weekend. Dreadfully... Read on

There's a New Sheriff in Town :: For around a year now, my home/office has hovered in a state of PC/Mac equilibrium, with my Mac G4 tower in the office, and my Dell laptop floating about. Well, the eternal struggle (ok maybe not eternal) took an unexpected... Read on

The Best...and Worst :: Even while in Calgary (or any part of Canada for that matter) I get plundered with news coverage from my homeland, feeding my insatiable hunger for news, news, news. In the midst of it all I couldn't help but notice... Read on

News from the front... :: Well, not a whole lot of news from up north. I am in Calgary, Alberta for a week. I travel here once a month to visit the home office of the CCSB so that they can get a good look... Read on

Pete, Tell us something we don't know... :: "The banishment for life of Pete Rose from baseball is the sad end of a sorry episode. One of the game's greatest players has engaged in a variety of acts which have stained the game, and he must now live... Read on

December 2003

My So Called Christmas Vacation :: So Christmas just steamrolled on by (anybody get a plate number on that mack truck?) and Santa left nice things here in Montreal, including The Civil War (documentary by Ken Burns, which with its 9 hours of material managed to... Read on

Good Ol' Ronnie :: Haven't had much to post lately, but I did run across this great quote from my favourite president since Lincoln. I have even been thinking lately that if one day I should have a child, and that child happens to... Read on

As If I Don't Have Enough to Do: Part Deux :: Well, I am at it again. With other projects and responsibilities looming (*cough...Christmas shopping...cough*) I decided to start designing our wedding invites. Hey, only like 4 months until we need to send them! Anywho, here is a first draft...tell me... Read on

Another Milestone for CNN :: Gotta give it to them, they keep us on our toes. So was it any surprise Sunday, as a truly historic event was taking place and the President was about to speak on that very event, that this is the... Read on

Mark Your Calendar :: Well, here in Montr´┐Żal, we are sitting tight under about a foot and a half of snow (See pic below). And after talking with pastors, checking church availability, consulting with the UN, etc etc...we have finally settled on a date... Read on

voici venir l'hiver... :: For my monolingual friends (who are just like me by the way), that's "Here comes winter...". Much thanks to my friends and family in the midwest who just received a touch of snow themselves, for someone down there gave the... Read on

Our First Dose of Color :: Well, I am still getting used to thinking of myself as an uncle. But in case you haven't seen any pictures yet, here is the cutest thing on either side of the pond. Little miss Lauren Frances Tiffin... Here is... Read on

The Levels of Geekdom :: Well, it is nice to be bumped back toward center every once in a while by people who are way geekier than I. Take Michigan State University graduate student Michael Shafer for instance. Ol' Mikey figured out (after years of... Read on

Welcome One and All :: Well, looks like the cat is out of the bag on this little site. Thanks to Uncle Donnie for posting the first comment at northoftheborder. He also brought up a pretty good point: Wedding Questions. Very, very soon Nora and... Read on

A Tough Day for Sports Fans :: If you know me very well, you know that I bleed two colors: Jayhawk Blue (basketball) and Georgia Red (football). And at this time of year those two passions overlap for around a month as the football season winds down... Read on

As If I Didn't Have Enough to Do :: Well, I thought I would never give in. Not for me. Didn't have time. Well, the newest craze to hit the web since the Flash intro has enveloped me despite my greatest efforts. The Blog (short for weblog) is everywhere,... Read on

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