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The End of an Era

December 22, 2006

Ok not really. This blog has served its' purpose, but it's time to move on. So, come on over to and enjoy the new digs.

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Flash Upload, HTTP 406 and Frustration

I know I'm supposed to pepper in some "normal people" posts here and there, but what can I say, right now we are on a nerd streak. In the latest alpha of SlideShowPro Director, we are implementing a Flash...

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Making the switch

Most of you know how much of a Mac fanboy I am, but until recently we still had one Windoze laptop hanging around our house. That all changed this past weekend, when we upgraded Nora to a new shiny...

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Widon't you just use Ruby?

I recently came across a post by Shaun Inman describing a term I had not heard before (at least with regard to typography): Widowing. Widowing is when a word flows to the next line only to end up all...

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Warning: This post is not idiot-proof

Why some bugs are left to run free in my software....

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I Spy

SlideShowPro Director - PHP/MySQL Administration for SlideShowPro


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